Haven't heard from my ex in a few days, should I ask?

So me and my ex have been trying to work things out the past month again to see if things would get better. Well this week has been weird and now he no longer goes online or texts me for two days. We text everyday and talk every night but since Thanksgiving and even last weekend he hasn't. Is it possible he no longer cares and doesn't want to work it out? Should I give him space and leave it as is? I really want him back but I know I can't force him to go back with me. I'm not ready to move on because we established that we love each other and he admitted he never wanted to break up with me but is going to be in the army in a few months. Now I hear nothing... It's strange but I don't want to seem needy and annoying either or that I'm all over him... even though I do think about him everyday.

So basically, should I text him or call him up and ask why he hasn't called me or let me know what's going on with him? I don't know if he met someone or is dating, but I'm not really surprised if he is since we're both single.


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  • No, don't.


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