I need help. Read below for why. Help please?

My boyfriend ( now my ex) dumped me for (what i now found out) my friend.

My Best Friend , who is really good friends with who is now my ex, told me he texted her saying that he was going out with a girl he liked but he liked someone else and he needd help. My Best Frend told him to break it to the girl he was dating softely that he wanted to break up with them. She later found out that that was me. She asked him if he liked ***** (my friend) and he said yes. I am really nervous to see him because I dont know what to say and if he will say anything. I am definitley going to tell him that I know he dumped me for my friend but I am scared on how he will respond. He said he would prefer it if we were Best Friends but I dont know if I can. What should I do?
I told him that I know he liked my friend and that is why he broke up with me through text. Someone also said at loud that everyone knows that he likes my friend and he denied it but it was pretty obvious that he does. I still really like him and want to get him back but I don't know if that's the right thing to do. I am starting to get a bit jealous of my friend but I try not to because she is really nice. Also I am weary that my friend likes my ex back.
She acts like she only sees him and her as best friends and I am worried that if he would ask her out she might say no because she doesn't seem to see that as a serious relationship. I know that would really upset him and he would turn to me in because its in his nature to do so. Then we will probally get back together which is a good thing in a way. But the problem is I don't know if that would hurt my friends and my ex. Oh its so confusing.


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  • Move on and find a guy who is better than him. You know something about this guy now. You know that he is a cheat. That he is weak. That he has no integrity. If someone asked you if you wanted to date a guy who was a cheat, with no integrity who is weak, would you say yes?
    Find someone better. It shouldn't be hard. That bar is set pretty low.


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  • Become best friends surely he'll fall for you again. But you never know you might meet someone new.

    • ok but i dont know if he falls for me again I will be able to accept it. I mean how would you like it if your crush asked you out and you said yes and then he dumps you and you find out that he dumps you for your friend and he doesn't have the guts to tell you. I mean I am was madder at him now that he didn't tell me it was because he liked my friend :(

    • If ever I get to a situation similar and my friend is precious to me, I would accept it. It might take long, but you'll meet the person you're meant to be with. What's meant to be will always find away.

    • I have gone with being best friends. It works but I find sometimes its a bitawkward since I still really like him in that way and I wish I was still his girlfriend. Such a shame.

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  • Cut the friendship ties and tell him... No way. Its always going to be a love triangle if you stay friends and your best female friends will be suspicious.


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