Girls, Angry ex?

A few months back, my ex and I had broken up. Initially it was calm and seemingly mature, but gradually she began to get really hostile, lashing out over simple things, holding things over my head, and throwing the failed relationship in my face. Now, I am pretty damn sure she has moved on, which is cool, go her. But we still unfortunately have a few ties (bills, and the fact that I co-signed for her car... big mistake, I know.) But I hadn't ever lost my cool or gotten overly emotional in front of her or through calls/texts. I kept it very level-headed and even tempered, still do to this day.

So why the bitterness? Why can't she just handle business and chill the fuck out?


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  • Who knows, she could be having a rough time, and you are an easy target. You are her ex, so she could just pick you, and be like well we aren't together, I will take out my frustrations on him. I would just tell her she needs to chill, because you have done nothing wrong, and you guys just need to at least be civil, you don't have to be besties.


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