Girlfriend dump me "incompatible" need advice?

I dated her for 6 months. At first I wasn't into her (appearance) as much as she is to me. I was very shallow before so I overlooked that. We vibe and start to make it exclusive. I sleep over her house 4-5 times week. I like to joke, tease and annoy her whenever. She gets mad and I always don't know what i did or I say. I notice that she is very emotional person and stress about everything. I am a stress free guy, I am compfortable with my life. So whenever I'm am mad or piss at something I don't tell her cos even if it's a small thing she makes it big, just stay quiet and remove myself around so we want fight/argue and I might as say stuff I don't mean. she also ask me if I wanted to move out by the end of the year, I yes it would be nice. She stress about money cos she on work casual as a nurse. She also said she'll be making more money then me and I was lol wtf so. Fast forward few days ago, we're working out and she said did I save up and I said "kinda" her mood change and I made an effort to make her smile just to light things up, she snap and went home. I don't call, text her and she didn't also. Next day she said it's over cos we are incompatible and I stress her out that I made her gained weight. She also said I should get a better career and better myself (I have full-time job). She mention to me that she was diagnosed with depression few years back and get anxiety attack.
I try to talk to her and she won't answer to anything.
she said it's over. She said I don't support/bring the best of her meanwhile I drive her to work pick her up, pickups her little brother. her last words was "you should be happy for yourself and by yourself". Like wtf
I'm really confuse seems like I did everything and I'm the one is not good enough. I lower my standard and I am not good enough.😢😢😢😢
My ego is bruise.
I know I can do better and I know what I am worth.
making me depress and not the normal "me"
I don't know what to do now?
<br /
I was very serious with her to the point that we wanted to have a baby by the end of the year. because I feel like she's the "one". we talk about future plans/long term.


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  • Don't sweat it. Most romances don't work out. She may be looking for someone serious and you may need someone more playful. Plus, you said you didn't think she was good enough for you and she may sense that. There's more fish in the sea.


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  • Sounds like we've got a girl who convinced herself you were her dream guy cause of the way you look. She found out that if she stayed with you she'd probably have to be the one making most of the money cause it's not that big of a deal to you. She wants the good looking dude but not at the expense of living "poor" so she left. She says things like incompatible so she can avoid hurting your feelings. But really she's just hoping she can go out in the world and find a guy who's just as hot but with more money. She's probably gonna be disappointed though. You'll get over it all with time.

    • As of right now I make more money than her with full insurance covered.

    • Making more money than her isn't the same as making enough money for her. If you didn't seem like you were gonna be making more money soon to her it seems like maybe she should keep looking. I'm not saying your girls shallow or money hungry but if there wasn't a bunch of other stuff keeping her around the dream of a "better life" can pull her away. But if a lot of your fights are about money that's probably why she left. A lot of girls feel like it's okay to leave a guy if she doesn't feel "financially secure" and she won't be looked down upon by other girls for leaving for this reason. They blame your lack of funds but really it's just their dreams of living wealthier cause you probably make enough. Don't fret though. relationships come and go and usually get better.

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  • U did do everything she is a mizzy bitch. Tell her she should be happy with all her mental health nut case friends who dont exsist. Fuck her u should thank her for realeasing. U from her

    • It just sucks cos I really like her as a person. I still want to work things out with her.

    • Dude are u crazy? She sounds crazy

    • Lol I don't know. I make above average income. I really just wanted to settle down.

  • No offence but you do sound like a bit of a tool.


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