Oh god how do I do this?

So ummm I need to break up with a suicidal chick who is madly in love with me and who thinks I'm in love with her... yeah


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  • That's a tough one. You might need to shoulder the bulk of the reasons on this one. If she's genuinely suicidal then you need to make it not her fault (even though it kind of totally is) and it needs to be more about you and you need to make yourself the bad guy.

    Also, you need to contact her parents, school officials and potentially law enforcement (law enforcement can put her on suicide watch) and you need to tell them BEFORE you break up that you're planning on it and are concerned for how she'll respond.

    Then you just have to do it. Rip off the band aid. And then don't be her shoulder to cry on. Suicidal or not, she has to handle a break up the same way as everyone else. She'll have an informed support system to be her shoulder instead of you.


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  • I'd like to ask a few questions, if I may.

    How long have you been 'together' with her?
    Did you, at one point, actually love her or was it never serious for you?
    What makes you say she is suicidal?

    I can help you better if i know a little more.

    • She's known me for 2 weeks , I've never loved her and cause her track record

    • Wait, she's known me for a month and we've gone out for 2 weeks

    • I see. It seems that she basically fell in love with you on first sight.

      It is best to let her down easy. Say something like: "Hey, I have to tell you something. I think you are really nice, but I am not in love with you. I am sorry."
      It is extremely important that you mean EVERYTHING you say. If you don't think she is nice, don't day it and think of something else. Even if you aren't sorry (I think you are, but regardless), don't say you are.

      Sincerity and honesty is crucial, because even the best liar in the world cannot fake this. And you don't want to fake this.

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  • Tell her you don't want to be with her anymore.
    explain your reasons.
    wish her well.

    If you are worried she will do something bad; tell her parents.

  • Break up. Can't stop someone from killing themselves. It's their choice. And usually the ones who use it as a threat don't really mean it they just want to know someone cares about them. The truly suicidal ones are usually quiet and come out of nowhere. I know because I was one and I dated one. You have to pretty much fight for someone who's really truly suicidal to tell you they're suicidal. It's usually something they're embarrassed to let other know.


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