Was my ex right for breaking up?

hi guys, so my boyfriend just broke up with me today but he seemed very vague about everything.
some days ago i saw some pictures at his ex girlfriends facebook wall (picturing him and her clearly looking in love) which she uses as profile picture since 4 weeks and of course i got suspicious and confronted my ex with yesterday. as expected he didn't have any reasonable explination for that (in my oppinion he might have lied all the time to me and still might have had a long distance relationship with his ex).. he didn't tell me that i'm right with my assumptions but he also didn't tell i was wrong so he basically said "it only was a kiss on the check pucture" but in my oppinion this does not matter cuz the last love proof comments were added in January and he already was in London at that time and always told me he hates long distance relationships (his ex lives in Romania) but obviously he had a long distant relationship with his ex in Jan so he lied to me.

The point is: i was so disappointed, hurt and mad that i asked his brother on facebook whats going on between him and his ex but his brother couldnt tell me anything and of course told my ex that i contacted his brother. Half an hour my ex called me being very furious about the fact i wanted closure from his brother but in my oppinion since my ex never told me exactly whats going on with this ex, it was my right to try finding closure and answers from sb else?
anyway end of the story is he broke up with me because of this and because of some other assumptions i did in the past but he NEVER tried to make it right and explain everything. He always made it seem like its my fault.
So what do you think? I mean if he broke up because of such a thing which is partly his fault, was he even honest once? I dont think so!!


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  • I am going to be frank with you for a moment.

    I think he was right to break up with you. When you saw that picture, you immediately assumed the worst. I agree that such a picture can be suspicious, but it does not say anything on its own. It may look like they were "clearly" in love to you, but that doesn't mean that is actually the case!
    Now, he told you that he hates long distance relationships, but since he was in such a long distance relationship with his ex, that means he lied to you. I don't think he lied; isn't it possible that he hated the long distance relationship while he was still with his ex? The fact that he was in one, does not mean he enjoys it

    At this point, you should have confronted him about this and told him how you felt. Instead, you asked his brother about it, behind his back.
    He broke up with you because you did not trust him, not even a little.

    Do I think that picture was suspicious? Yes, it was a little suspicous.
    But was it enough to determine he was still in love with his ex and was lying all along about it? No, not even close.

    • i confronted him yesterday but as i said he didn't have a proper explaination for the pictures and when i told him that in my oppinion he would have lied regarding the long distance relationship shit he didn't even bother to state his point of view to this. so thats basically why i asked his brother because i didn't get closure from him even when i asked him about it. his responses were very vague

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    • Yes, it would be best if you got to know the truth. That may still come. For now, try to let this rest and move on. It is a waste of your energy to linger on this for too long.

    • Somehow i'll eventually find the truth out.
      And I hope its gonna be sth which will put him in the same hurtful situation as he put me

What Girls Said 1

  • I think he's hiding stuff and he didn't want to face you

    • haha yeah to be honest exactly my oppinion. i probably found out about his games and he thought it was easier to break up than to make up a lie to "explain" everything

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