Is that a legit 'message'?

My best friend and I started dating about a month ago. He broke up the week after, feeling like 'we weren't meant to be together; while we had been friends for months before that. We tried going back to our friendship, which didn't work at all at first, but with huge efforts, it worked. Everything was going normal when I kinda snapped yesterday. He has been very touchy/feely, asked me for back rubs and massages, he even told me to stay over but I left anyways and he seemed very disappointed if not pissed. I figured out that I still had feelings for him and I let him know yesterday. I sent him this: "I still have feelings for you and being around you is not really helping, even though I love coming over and spend time with you. I'm not sure of what you're thinking so I want to make things clear now. I still have feelings for you and they're growing everytime I see you. I would prefer saying that to your face but I don't have the guts to right now. I'm sorry if I'm messing everything up, but I can't hold it in anymore." I thought he was the one still having feelings for me (that's what he said when he broke up), but I figured out that it was actually me still liking him. Do you guys think I did the right thing? I do feel very VERY relieved, but I'm afraid that I lost my best friend once more. I know he opened the message and surely read it, but he hasn't answered and it is leaving me a bit worried... I know that when we've had serious discussions like this in the past, he took a bit of time to answer just to gather all of his thoughts and make sure that he'd say everything he needs, so it's probably why. But still, I'd like an outside opinion.


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  • Yes you did the right thing and I know how it hurts :(


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