Why do some Exs do this it do they do this?

Why do some ex's think it's ok for them to move on when they share kids with a ex of theirs that its ok to use the kids they shared with the ex (the single ex) against them when that ex who was the single one finally finds someone who truly makes them happy? Why it why not can't they be happy for that ex? Could they be jealous and have the fear of being replaced in the mother role? Since as soon as the kids met the new person they called her momma and mom.


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  • Because it is ok to move on. It's ok.

    • Ok but when their ex moves on it isn't? As when I met my then bf's family they all liked me as did his family and kids and his friends but hue ex before me looked terribly jealous and a month later my then boyfriend told me he's been having gut pain and massive headaches and daid he felt they were maybe caused by that we had to breakup could his ex before me caused him to breakup with me? And caused his massive headaches and gut pain? As I know she causes him a lot of stress as they always fight and she can't hold a job and etc.

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