Me and my boyfriend broke up :( ?

After 2 years, me and my boyfriend broke up :( so upset, just need some tips to move on


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  • oh man sorry to hear about that... my advice to you will be to get rid of all the stuffs that will remember you of him (gifts/pics)... cut all contact from him and go out with friends or on your own (its all up to you)... don't try to contact him again or try to think that there will be a possibility for you to get back together its gonna make it more difficult to move on.. and accept the fact that you are now single and that you will find someone better in the future and also don't jump into another relationship too quickly its gonna be a rebound and the other person will suffer from it


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  • I'm in the same. boat as you and trust me its been the hardest thing. Don't contact him do the no contact thing and surround yourself with good supportive people and get out the house it will help so much i hope you feel better goood luck !

  • I'm sorry you're going through this! I fairly recently had a breakup and it definitely isn't easy at first.

    The first thing is, don't contact them - it won't help you in the long run. Delete texts and messages, keep the number if you must but get rid of anything you can look back on and feel sad about. For me it also helped to write down and vent everything I was feeling. If you have a friend or someone you trust and can talk to, that's even better.

    Do things for yourself. You need nurturing right now, so take care of yourself. Try new things, get into new activities - I took up yoga myself. Do things that make you feel good! :)

    And remember that it's okay to be sad. That's part of the healing. You need to feel the emotions and let them go, don't lock them away. But once you feel it don't let it overwhelm you forever. There are so many good things and good people in this world worth discovering, I believe you can do it :)


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