Can I do it over the phone or should I wait and do it face to face?

I've been seeing this guy for 6 months now and its damaging me because I love him and he doesn't want to be exclusive or wants to be in a relationship with me. I just want to end it so I can live my life without crying everyday. I don't want him to be with anyone else but I don't wanna be going with the rate that things are going now.

We haven't seen each other in over a week and he only writes to me every 3-4 days to see how I'm doing. Throughout the 6 months that has been a lot of fighting and bickering because we aren't on the same page and we haven't been since the beginning. I feel like I can't trust him and I don't share my feelings with him because I feel that he doesn't care about me or what I feel.

Can I say that I don't wanna see him over a text or should I do it in person? I have been broken up with before through a text message and its an awful feeling but I was in a relationship with that person, what about this one that isn't even a relationship? If not break things off over the phone, what should I do? I'm sick of feeling this way
I love him but I'm done trying


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  • Aw :(. Sounds sad.
    Breaking up over text, I think, isn't the best idea. There isn't emotion in text, and it's hard for you and him to get closure, I think.
    The phone is probably the best bet, you can convey that you are serious about it and he will know whats up.
    In person would be good too, but that's really hard- seeing the hurt from someone. So yeah...


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  • If you can't see him in person, a phone call is acceptable. Sending a text is the coward's way out. Be brave, my darling. Make him sorry for never taking you seriously.

  • always face to face


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