Should I tell him?

my ex-boyfriend has been going out with this trick for the last 6 months,last week I discovered she's sleeping with her best guy friend,when he's not around(he's in the army),i want to tell him,but when he left he was quite upset...over something she did,with another guy,she told him she would change...and recently he texted to tell me..he thinks she's the one..and things are really good..they talk everyday...but I know its bullsh*t...should I tell him, i don't wanna come off as trying to kill his r.ship...we decided to remain friends,and we both deeply care for each other...i just don't know...


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  • this is indeed very tricky on the one hand you could keep this to yourself are you could tell him the truth.

    the only problem with that is if you do decide to tell him about his girlfriend and he takes it really bad then he could point the finger of blame at you and ur friendship will be over.

    but if you keep it to yourself and his girlfriend continues to cheat on him behind his back when he eventually dose find out about her and then finds out that you knew all along he is gonna blame you and ask why you never said anything and the friendship will come to an end.

    your stuck between a rock and a hard place really either way he needs to know about his girlfriend but someone else other then you needs to tell him, that way you won't get blamed and noone can say you told him to split them up so you could have him back etc...

    just think very carfully before you do anything like I said it's a very tricky situation.

    have you thought of confronting his girlfriend and telling her that you know what she is doing give her the chance to tell him herself are to stop what she is doing.

    • I dnt think she will...he told me he resents their friendship but doesn't know what to do about it...even before he went he knew she had a tendency to always run to this guy when they're having problems..i think the part he never realised is the fact that it goes past friendship...she'll never tell him...cos she knows that this guy is her friend,but mainly someone to f*** around with...

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    • I will try,i just want someone who can break the news to him gently,he's so far away..and I dnt want this to weigh to heavy on his mind...he's a great guy..but he already has so much on his plate..but thank you so much...

    • I do feel for you as you really do care about ur ex and don't want him to hurt anymore then he will do once he finds out and ur right because he is so far away it's gonna be even harder for the both of you. is there no way you could wait untill he is home on leave and then get the person to tell him

  • OOh this sounds so familar! My ex had loads of issues with his ex missus sleeping with his best friend. He'd bitch about it everyday to me (he'd ring his ex wife every morning to speak to his two little children). I'm afraid its one of those things that won't get resolved they'll just be like two dogs chasing their tails. Its a horrible situation to be in, but its probably best you take a back seat for a while love or else you're gonna end getting sucked into it as well.

    Be there for your friend by all means but don't get too involved.

    All the best xxx


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