My boyfriend of almost a year broke up with me very suddenly... How am I supposed to deal with this? am I really never supposed to see him again?

We meet through an internet dating site last year, otherwise our paths would have been very unlikely to cross. He works in a different part of the city and lives in another town. He's also 10 years older than me and we move in different social circles... and i'm not on social media (don't ask why, i'm just not)

anyway, Then last Thursday evening he broke up with me on the phone (!!!). This came out of nowhere for me. He gave no hints, one day i thought i was in a loving relationship, the next it's as if he has vanished in a puff of smoke taking a large chunk of me with him and leaving just a big empty hole in my life where he used to be.
He obviously knew it was coming, and had time to prepare. I had none of that.
It went from asking me what i thought abut babies and moving away with him to being dumped with some shitty generic excuses like "i just don't think we're connecting"
I did manage to get him to meet me the next day and we talked about it... but in retrospect he didn't answer sweet fuck all,

This is the first time i have been in love and the first time i have been in a proper relationship and i don't know what i am supposed to do now, i'm having a lot of trouble processing the idea that this intense 9 month relationship could come to a crashing halt in one single phone call.
Am i supposed to just accept that? Am i allowed to call him? talk to him? tell him how i'm feeling? ask to see him again?

I know ideally i should just move on without a backward glance... but i do not think i can do that.


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  • Possibly you do not love yourself. If you think a man is going to complete you, then you are lost. Buy a dog.


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  • Hi, the same thing happened to me this week. It hurts like crazy! I don't understand it either. Some men have issues with commitment and when things get close they bail. I think if he wanted to give you more info when you met he would have. Not having the answers is really hard. Right now just try to focus on yourself and being good to you. You will get through this. This is day 5 for me and so far I haven't cried yet, that is my best foot forward for today. Do it one day at a time girl :)


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  • Sounds like he gave you the heave ho. Move on and find another rather than crying over spilt milk.


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  • He found someone else perhaps? Maybe the thought of his, having babies terrifies him.


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