Was he right to break up?

hi guys, so my boyfriend just broke up with me yesterday but he seemed very vague about about an explanaition why his ex would still monthly update her facebook profile picture picturing him and her kissing on the cheek!
some days ago i saw some pictures at his ex girlfriends facebook wall (picturing him and her clearly looking in love) which she uses as profile picture since 4 weeks and of course i got suspicious and confronted my ex with yesterday. as expected he didn't have any reasonable explination for that (in my oppinion he might have lied all the time to me and still might have had a long distance relationship with his ex).. he didn't tell me that i'm right with my assumptions but he also didn't tell i was wrong so he basically said "it only was a kiss on the check pucture" but in my oppinion this does not matter cuz the last love proof comments were added in January and he already was in London at that time and always told me he hates long distance relationships (his ex lives in Romania) but obviously he had a long distant relationship with his ex in Jan so he lied to me.

The point is: i was so disappointed, hurt and mad that i asked his brother on facebook whats going on between him and his ex but his brother couldnt tell me anything and of course told my ex that i contacted his brother. Half an hour my ex called me being very furious about the fact i wanted closure from his brother but in my oppinion since my ex never told me exactly whats going on with this ex, it was my right to try finding closure and answers from sb else?
anyway end of the story is he broke up with me because of this and because of some other assumptions i did in the past but he NEVER tried to make it right and explain everything. He always made it seem like its my fault.
So what do you think? I mean if he broke up because of such a thing which is partly his fault, was he even honest once? I dont believe so.


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  • I always get a chuckle over "needing closure". What does it matter when the main part is "I don't want to be with you anymore and it's over". He probably is a liar, your not gonna get a confession out of him if you haven't by now. Was he right to break up? Sure anyone has the right to end the relationship even if they are in the right or wrong.

    You will find someone better. Don't dwell on this too much. Also in the future most decent siblings aren't gonna rat on their sibling. So that was a bad emotional misstep.

    • wish i would have known this earlier.. but ok he wasn't the right guy anyway (at least i try to convince myslef to believe that until i actually believe that)

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  • just accept it and move on


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  • I'll stick to what I said you before
    "Don't be silly to think that you still should invest time and effort on this.
    Just move on to find someone who can offer you an actual healthy relationship."
    Drop looking for closure and look for new openings, witch's way better and more useful to your own life.


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