Should I write my ex that recently got incarcerated?

My ex & me had a rocky relationship that ended a few weeks before he was arrested & charged with aggravated domestic battery which is a class 2 felony with a mandatory sentence of 2 months. The case will be on his permanent criminal record and im guessing he lost his good job too. Even though our breakup was nasty I still care about him a lot and keep imagining how harsh/lonely jail can be and how his life is going to change now that he's a felon. he's been going through a lot & I want him to know that Im always gonna be there but im wondering if he'll feel some type of way about the letter


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  • So I'm guessing he was charged for his violence against you, right? If that's the case, then do not write to him. It could confuse him, and you shouldn't be close to the person who hurt you. Right now, you want to stir clear from him, because such violence can leave some sequels, and you want to be a healthy person. If the violence was not against you, then maybe you can write to him, since you won't be in such a danger. Jail must be very tough.

    • No it was him & a family member he never put his hands on me before

    • Well, then he'd probably appreciate being written to. Just try not to get involved.

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  • Well... incarcerated is not a good thing.


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  • I love guys who get done for domestic battery too, you should write him letters and eventually get back with him.


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