Am I turning him down for the right reasons?

This guy that I met a few days ago has been very open and forward about liking me. He’s been suggestive and does all he can so we can keep in touch.
I thought he was very nice, sweet, just chill, he tries his best to make me smile and laugh be comfortable and make me feel at ease around him. I’ve never really had a boyfriend and this makes me nervous.
Initially I didn’t think I feel anything for him. I think I have to turn him down.

First because its not really in my plans to be in a relationship just yet, second, because I know my parents would most likely look down on him and I don’t want him to feel like he’s being looked down on.

Because I see him as boyfriend material but not exactly long term material. He seem to lack the motivation and determination to try harder to be better, though I wouldn’t know for sure.

Now after a few days of not being around him, I find myself looking for him.
I thought maybe its just the attention he gives me as a girl that Im looking for.
Am I turning him down for the right reasons? Or Am I just being a jerk? Unfair? Am I just afraid?
Guys, how would you feel if a girl turned you down for this?


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  • Hope at least he won 't feel disappointed bout yer decision..

    • I'm trying to not make him feel disappointed. He's been so nice and I'd really feel guilty if he felt like I led him on even if I wasn't reciprocating his interest in me.

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  • Give him a shot... Everything I always say is in God's hand and in Mother Nature's doings whether it is meant to be or not.
    If things go well, then you are marrying him, not your family and they would just have to accept him for who he is, like you who... would have accepted and loved him Unconditionally.
    You will never know unless you try and just maybe... Someone Above pulling at your heart strings with this guy.
    Good luck.


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  • Imho, the only good reason was you not wanting to be in a relationship for now.

    Though, be careful to not toss away a diamond because of lesser reasons. You may notice that they're much rarer than stones that show up in life. And be sure: a diamond will not lie alone on the dirt for much time - they're too precious, hmm?

    Whispering: maybe you're just afraid of commitment, concerned about career or stuff.

  • I would hope you just tell me quick so I can find another girl


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