Are these two things symptoms of stress or what and can a ex come between you and your current gf/bf and cause the two of you to breakip?

Is a massive headaches and gut pain stress?
and could they be brought on from another person say a ex were you dated before the person you are currently dating? And tcouls that one person cause the person and you are currently dating to breakup? Due to the stress that ex from the past is giving you?


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  • Absolutely, and either one of those alone can cause issues in a relationship. Most partners never want to deal with or even think about your past lovers, so the fact an ex is causing issues for you can definitely strain an otherwise good relationship.

    Also, never underestimate stress, either. When we're mentally beaten up and exhausted, we can lash out at things that otherwise wouldn't bother us, and can say mean things to someone we care about that we did not really mean. On the flip side, stress can cause you to want to simply withdraw from everything and be by yourself, sending confusing messages to your partner.

    • Thank you for your answer as it was very informative. As his ex creates a lot of stress for him as we had a awesome and happy and etc relationship til I met her and my build is athletic/toned and she has a couple of extra pounds and she looked very jealous of me when she met me when him and I were picking up the kids. And he said she always fights with him when the kids aren't around and when the kids are around and acts like the perfect parent (even thou she has substance issues) and I think she came between me and him as everything changed once I met her.

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  • It's possible. I've definitely had headaches and stomach pain from stress, and if the ex is a big source of stress, then yeah, that could be causing it and stress can break up a relationship.

    • Thanks for your answer and that's what I thought as his ex before me has a lot of drama and picks fights with him and etc

    • He's been leaving hints thou that he's still interested in me. And I think the best when I see him next month to let him make the move. Smart ode no?

    • Whoops idea not ode

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  • No one can cause a breakup if you don't want it to happen

    • Thanks for your reply. I agree but I guess it's hard especially if you share children with a person. As that other party can use children as pawns. I think he still has feelings and wtc for me thou after what's been happening since we've been apart but I can be wrong.

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