I want to sh*t kick my girl's ex boyfriend?

that little homo slept with her and didn't even treat her good and now he's with some skank. she was crying and shaking when I mentioned sex and it's because of her ex bf. seeing her like this, tears my heart apart. I know this is immature but I seriously want to break that guys face in two. what would you do about this? I am with her whenever I can be, my girl that is and she's so fragile, gentle, I can't imagine anyone using her and then dumping her. but a lot of guys says it's none of my business.


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  • i totally agree that you should focus more on the girlfriend and forget the jerk but if that jerk bothers heragain, then I guess ...assholes exist in this world don't they? well she is a smart girl and left that a-hole for you so giving her a lot of your attention, caring for her, taking her out to places, doign things that bastards never done for her and just helping her "forget" about him sounds like a plan. I think she made the best decision to be with you. she'll forget the pain she suffered from that jerk and think of you and the two of you should be happy together. it shows you care because you want to deal with the a-hole of an ex she had but remember, you want to be there for her and just be together and be happy. good luck! :)


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  • It's such a shame that scum like that still walk the earth. You obviously care very much for her. You also know how to treat a lady right and that's one of the reasons you're so angry. The best decision she made was to break it off with him and find you. Right now, you need to support her, make her feel safe and cared for. She needs to heal and build up trust again in a relationship since she was hurt before.

    Going after the ex or confronting him won't help matters. It will only make matters worse and your girlfriend probably wouldn't want you to be involved. Besides, who's to say that even if he had his ass kicked that he'd change? Someone like that isn't worth the time or energy.

    Focus your attention and energies on your gf. Help her move forward and find happiness with you.

  • so she's upset because her ex boyfriend has a new girlfriend? how long were they dating? it sounds like she may still have feelings for him.

    • She's upset he treated her like sh*t. she's over him

    • If she's still crying over/about him, then she's not over him.

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