What could your ex do that would make you want to get back together?

Say you STILL HAD FEELINGS for that ex and you broke up because you needed to focus on other things, etc, etc (which means you didn't do it because the relationship wasn't working out). Is there something that would make you miss them and want to get back together? :/

We ran into each other 2 nights ago, talked about the break up and ended up kissing but we haven't talked again since then. I tried texting and calling because I was happy and thought that meant things were getting better but nothing?
There were NO problems between us. I was actually really surprised when she broke up with me.


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  • Maybe she just isn't ready. Some people get together and then realize they can't handle it for whatever reason.

    • God please no :'( that would kill me. We've been together for over a year and if she lied and that's actually why she broke up with me, it would kill me because we've been through many things that... no

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    • Stay 《strong》

    • Thanks :)

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