Blocked by Long Distance Ex?

I did not respond to my ex's text last week for fear of getting sucked back in, it has been 6 days. I am into the third month now NC. Today however, I noticed he blocked me on whatsapp. Is he trying to be vengeful because I did not respond, is he just trying to show me he is moving on or does he want me to chase after him?
He called things off due to Long distance yet he is really acting up. He says he still loves me and wants us to keep friends. I had the decency to tell him I needed time for the friends arrangement to play out for me and that it was hard for me at the moment, I just need time. Went ahead to stress I do not hate him in anyway, hurt as I am. I wasn't ready to talk to him yet mentally/emotionally.
Well, just wondering... your thoughts are much appreciated.


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  • I think its a vengeful thing. But what's stupid is he called it off so I don't understand his actions

    • Yeah your right. So I should just let him be right? I do not have to text him or reach out in anyway?

    • Just let him go

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  • He probably got mad because you didn't reply to him.

    • So you think I should have replied? Well, I was confused and eventually did not because I figured it wasn't going to change anything seeing as we are so far apart. Just don't want to get back into a major relapse...

    • I agree. Long distance never works out. I just ended my relationship due to the long distance.

    • Oh! Sorry to hear that my dear. Your right, it just never works out. Wish you well though and thanks for the feedback.

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