Did you ever send a long text message to finish the relationship?

I used to meet up with this guy and we had a great first date that we decided to have the second date soon. But this guy has been dragging on the next date out of a sudden saying that he got dinners coming up that he will let me know soon. I got so pissed offf that I sent him a long message explaining how pissed off I am with his behaviour and I even defriended him knowing that this will be the last message ever I will sent it to him. I knew I had to do it or else he won't even bother contacting me. I feel so hurt about how he was not initiating another date to meet me. I feel pretty shit but I know its over. Has anyone done that? What should I do to make myself better, to get over this asshole?
Okay. Basically we have decided to meet the other day and he cancelled on me. So i suggested Saturday. And he has not said anything until Friday night. Since I was busy on Saturday. I said lets meet up on Wednesday and he told me he got dinner so he will let me know soon. Ever since then he hasn't said anything else until Wednesday.


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  • I have done This with my own husband who I still am married to out in Egypt. We are up and down like two yo yos and dill doughs, and many times over, I have found myself doing the same thing and... Feeling much better after I have done this.
    I am sure you Feel Better now that you have told him a thing or two. However, in the future, bear in mind, that if a First date goes well, no telling if a Second one will be initiated or even if there might be a third, which to me... Three strikes and he's out on Second base.
    Don't wear your heart on your sleeve, is the best advice I can give you. When just meeting someone, meeting up, one would think that a First date will tell whether or not there will be a second. Many times, there is a change of mind and in heart and one or both may have realized there was no chemistry after all. It's best to just leave well enough alone and move on, leaving this in God's hands and in Mother Nature's.
    Good luck, feel better soon. xx

    • I just read your Updates.. he is making lame duck excuses.. don't contact him anymore until he is serious about going out. xx

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    • My dates (i had another one before) have been horrible recently and I am confused about why this is happening to me...

    • lol... No, just wise... perhaps you just have not found the right one yet with some chemistry... just go slow with every date and don't let them see any anxiety, hopefulness or even let them think you are in this for a Real Relationship... Just Relax and... enjoy. xx

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  • What you should've done is accepted that he had dinners and said "Hey well when it all clears up get in touch!".

    Sending a long ass bitchy text blew it all up.

    • Look at the details

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    • He's an "asshole" for blowing you off?

      That's harsh.

    • It just feels shite for being blown off. Do you think I should say ohhh he has a reason for blowing me off so I should understand him :) obviously not

  • I think this ones on you. You acted like a psycho (based on your description). He clearly tries to setup another date but got busy with stuff. He even told you that.. Most people won't even contact you or will just flake on you.

    • I have added the details and you will understand How pissed off I will be.

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  • I've never done that. I've always broken up with a person face to face or if I can't meet them face to face then I try to talk to him on the phone. I personally don't think that ending things with a person through text is a good idea but if the person is avoiding me and I can't contact them through any other means, then I'd text.

  • Wasn't really a relationship yet, any way. No harm done cutting him off if you weren't getting what you needed.

    I accidentally broke up with someone over text. LDR and I was over it, and him. He said he had an opportunity to move even farther away and I encouraged him to follow the opportunity. He was hurt and we kept texting back and forth. He kept pushing me and wouldn't leave me alone even after I told him to. Next thing you know, I told him I needed space (code for dumping politely) and hit Send. In the end, it beat driving two hours to tell him... but I regret it, was cowardly.

  • Well you guys clearly weren't in a relationship, you were just dating. He is out having dinner with other women. Cut your losses.


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