Please give me advice :-( at rock bottom :(?

I was with my ex 3 years, we lived together and I am pregnant with him, we only split 3 weeks ago, someone showed me that he is already spending time with a new girl, they spent the day together and went on a night out by the looks of it :( im crushed, he's been telling me since we left to get rid of his baby we tried for for months, we only planned our wedding a few weeks before he left me, I don't understand how he's moved on so quickly from me?��.:( he's he's now decided he wants all his belongings back out my house even though he dsnt need them as he's back living with his mum:( how can anyone move on so quickly..


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  • I'm guessing you're a girl on a guy's account?

    Whatever you do with the baby is, under law, your choice - whether he likes it or not, he'll have to pay up.

    Odds are he's just entered a dreaded rebound relationship with this girl. 3 weeks is too quick.

    I recommend you go No Contact now and move on. There's a chance he'll contact you in the future, but till then you should focus on bringing up your kid if you choose to keep him/her.


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  • I can only imagine it's a miserable situation.

    My honest response is that you're lucky to be rid of him.

  • You get rid of his baby !! How?


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  • He's on the rebound or he's been cheating on you for a while.

    • How do I know it's rebound?

    • You were together three years and he's with someone after three weeks apart. Logically, that's a rebound relationship.

      As to telling the difference between bein on the rebound and having cheated long before you split, you can't really. Those are the two most likely explanations.

  • Wait... You're a female?