Does it usually take guys longer to miss there ex and want to reach out? If so, why is this?

My ex and I just had break up sex, he couldnt stay away for longer than 2 weeks, yet now I have yet to hear from him. He said he cares about me and wants to help me through this difficult time I am going through (ie reason for our break), however now I have yet to hear from him. Its been 3 days. Will I hear from him? Or is he done?


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  • It's a case by case basis. I personally think he used you. He said he missed you, but he slept with you and disappeared. If I was in his shoes, this would be how I would try and manipulate a sexually beneficial relationship for myself to ensure that I can get sex when I want.

    I think you don't need to open your legs to him anymore. If you don't do that, you can see how he truly cares about you.

    • Oh yeah best believe I will not be doing that ever again!

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