Girls, Have you ever left a guy you love because?

you couldnt trust him anymore? you couldnt feel secured and safe with him after he lied, left or cheated on you. was it hard to leave him? are you happy with this desicion


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  • Yes. One of the things I absolutely need in a relationship is to feel completely vulnerability, trust, and comfort with my man. I need to feel like I can trust him enough to reveal myself at my absolute worst, complete weakest, and most unkempt. If a guy can't bring that level of security, then I'll always feel like there's another man out there who can outshine him and bring something to the table he simply doesn't possess.

    I am so happy with my decision :) Leaving him and choosing to intricately love life, literature, art, music, poetry, and dance was a much more satisfying option. Sometimes, life's gifts have more to offer and are more worthy of pure love than a man.

    • ypu are totally right , i can't trust him to thelevel that i can't let him touch me cause i feel scared down myself from him leaving me or hurting me again , an thinking about having sex with someone you can't trust is the worst feeling ever. i really like your last lines they are inspirial. thanks a lot

    • Awwwh, no problem! :)
      Leave him. At least for a little bit while you graciously, patiently process and overcome those awful feelings that HE CREATED.

    • Thanks for MHO by the way :)

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  • Yes, my first real relationship, it was time to leave and as much as I didn't want to, and I made the mistake of continuing to have contact with him post break up and still see him. Looking back I would've changed a few things, but I definitely stuck around longer than I should have.

  • I did. It was very hard. I even took him back thinking that he learned his lesson. I was wrong. It was humiliating. I blamed myself at first. I see it differently now. I am over it. It still hurts, but more because I let him manipulate me like that.

    Don't trust any man.

    • yes , i made the same mistake of taking him back although i dont trust him , to just again let him lie to me and cheat on me again, it was so hurtful , and i did regret how much space i gave him to maniuplate me just as u said. moral of the story , if they have done us wrong , most probably they will again , and we will get even more hurt , and that if we lost trust once, no need to assume that they can rebuild it :S

  • Because I knew he wouldn't be happy with me so if I love him I have to let him go so he can be happy and I don't want to be selfish


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