WHY EX boyfriend Deleted me? On FB?

We broke up in 2011. We were in love I think, we were incompatible however we remained together. He had more downs than ups. He used to get jealous a lot, we fought a lot. But he always expresses how much he loved me. I haven't been on FB at all when I do I just look up funny viral videos n I repost them sometimes. Recently I started using it, posting, new car, I've been doing good with life, I always tagged my best friend whom he hated n felt threatened by. I went on today n saw that he had deleted me. He has a wife and a child, my question is why waited all that time why now why didn't say anything. If he was over me he shouldn't have cared enough to delete me? I need opinions n possible answers guys. Help and thank you
Even if I got the chance to be with him again I wouldn't he has a wife ( recent ) and a baby. I'd liked if he could've been friends at least. But why cut off the last string of connection like that?


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  • If you were the one to break up with him, then he has every right to follow your lead and excuse you from every aspect of his life. People who have been dumped tend to find liberation and peace in completely removing the dumper from their hearts, minds, and view in every way. The act of being left can cause a lot of heartache and distress so leaving that person in hindsight and committing to that choice by not including or inviting them into your life with social media can feel like overcoming an obstacle.

    If not, then seeing as he now has a wife with children, he probably just sees no reason to keep you invited and included into his world at all. He has chosen to build his life around another woman; there's really no need to have you around mentally at all anymore.

    • @Asker In reference to the update; No offense but you need to get real. There is no chance for you guys to operate in a genuine friendship after you guys have screwed each other and explored levels of intimacy that are not accessible to "just friends".
      You seem like you still have feelings for him and are hurt that he has denied you access to be nosey and pry into his new wife with his new family.

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  • Because he wanted to. Does he need a reason?


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  • He obviously has moved on here, dear, and wants to leave the past behind and just 'Delete'... Everything now, concerning the both of you, including being Facebook friends as well.
    Good luck. xx

  • Because he has a new life now.

    When did he get married?

    Anyway, don't read too much into it.

    • Like a year ago but she loves him more than he loves her from what I've seen on there I shouldn't I know girl but I don't know why I'm like this now?

    • @Asker "She loves him more than he loves her" Hmmm... so you've been analyzing their marriage and making conclusions that are unfavorable for her yet probably make you feel good?

  • I know you just want to be friends with him, but just move on like he did


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