There is like an ZEBRA in the room!!!!!!!!

If you feel like he is cheating on you, does it mean you are right? its not a gut feeling more like a feeling because of my past, but I really don't want to brush it of and he really is cheating on me. I like him and he said he feels the same way he actually shows that he does. Then he tells me to stop putting him in a box with my past. does this mean he might do that so I won't think he is cheating and actually cheat,help me please.!


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  • I think your being paranoid, not all guys cheat, so you had a bad experience.. move on! If he's cheating then you will find out eventually and you can break up with him.. but for now he has done nothing wrong. If you keep hastling him about it he will get sick of your diss-trust and leave so if I were you I'd chill the F out. You don't want to end up pushing every guy you meet away because of a past relationship.. when you prove that he is cheating you can be p*ssed but until then drop it and get on with life you know! your still young.. live a little.

  • When I got that little feeling out of nowhere that my boyfriend was cheating on me, guess what happened? He ended up breaking up with me shortly after for another girl and he was talking to her during the relationship. Not trying to scare you, but unless you're super paranoid, if you get that feeling out of nowhere it's for a reason. But if you are insecure because of your past you might be hypersensitive. If he is cheating you will find out but unless you have other signs or proof don't accuse him of it. What's done in the dark will always come to light but you may not have anything to worry about so just chill. :)


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