What to text boyfriend if cheating?

Hi I am in along distance relationship but suspect my partner is cheating having seen messages on ask. Fm... Not sure he knows I have seen and I asked if he has a new girlfriend but he refuses to answer me. What shall I text him and say... He loves to avoid conflict


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  • well , if i am in his place i won't answer too because i have my own privacy i won't allow anyone to hack my privacy, and if my girlfriend want to leave so let it be.

    • What do u mean "have my own privacy" ...

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  • ... Having seen messages on ask. Fm...
    If you have proof in the not so sweet pudding here, dear, tell him you Demand to Face him down and if he persists 'To avoid conflict,' then you will not have anymore to do with him or your... LDR tha the thinks he can have his cutie pie cake and it... Two.
    LDR are one of the hardest relationships of any to Have and to Uphold. It takes two to tango and two to make the effort and have the patience. However, many times over, when the cat is away, the mouse will play and... think they can never get caught paw and raw handed in the smart cookie jar.
    Good luck. xx


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  • How about you give us his askfm and I ask him a question regarding that? maybe he answered that


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  • if he is cheating, just cut him off. Don't give him the opportunity to "explain" it will be ALL LIES


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