How do I get him back?! GUYS!!

I dumped him.

He begged for me back for awhile.

I didn't care

I miss him, and he ignores me for the most part.

But I can tell he wants me back he's just trying to play the game.



what would get you back?

If I ignore him back, or keep trying to stay in contact with him and make sure he knows that I love him and won't hurt him again?


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  • tell him how you feel my ex broke up with me I begged for her to com back for a month than finally lost hope but started talkin like 4 months later still talk and I am waiting for her to tell me she still loves me I miss her so much but I'm affraid to tell her I love her still since she got so anoyyed and stoped talking to me in the first place because I kept telling her that I don't wana lose her for ever so I'm scared to make a move

  • you dumped him and he didn't want it obviously because he wanted you back

    i'm in exactly the same situation as him at the moment and I've cut off contact with my ex because it's too painful to see her moving on without me. in the end for me it'll end in 2 ways. 1 she will regret breaking up with me and want me back or 2 she won't and the no contact will help me heal

    if he's doing the same you need to make the step to getting him back if you want that.

    was breaking up with him a mistake? if so then you made a mistake and you need to let him know.

    if you don't want him back as a boyfriend but just want him back as a friend I don't know how to help because right now I can't be just friends with my ex it hurts too much.

    if he's worth getting back then do it, swallow your pride and tell him :)

    • Oh, that's the thing, I've told him, and told him. And he will hang out with me, but then ignore me. And he ignores most of my calls or texts. So.. I will go days without contacting him, and then he's calling me again.

      I don't know, I pretty much put myself out there for like 2 months now, and he keeps rejecting me but at the same time,, giving me hope.

      Maybe ignoring him WOULD be the best solution?!

    • Hmmm

      well if you've told him then the ball should be in his court, he has no right to just ignore you unless it suits him. sounds like he's using you as a crutch while he heals after the relationship

      maybe cut yourself off from him for a bit. now I'm not a relationship expert lol so don't feel like my advice is gonna work it's just what I think :P

      make him see what he is missing. if you're serious about getting him back you got to make him see it's a relationship you want not a friendship

    • Alright... so now I just leave him be? I don't want him to think I don't care anymore... but I also don't want to pathetically chase after him... ALSO, do you think if I ignor his calls/txts it will help? B/c... if I don't contact him, and he contacts me I always answer... I think I should probably make him sweat a little?

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