My ex thought we could be friends but is not realizing he can't just see me as a friend. What do I do? I want him back?

He is keeping his distance after realizing this and posting photos of him out with othr girls etc on facebook? I want him back! We were spending far too much time together and fighting too much becuase of it. I was working 3 jobs and couldnt handle the stress. I tried to tell him at the point of break that we just needed to take things slower, and I had just let go of one of my jobs to have more time for myself, but by that point he needed out. Im laying low and hoping he reaches out again at some point. Its obvious he's not over it, as these photos are very out of the ordinary for him and I haven't heard from him since the last time we hung out when he relized he cared more for me than friends. Ugh this is torture.
I am not doing well at all, I have a horrible pit in my stomach. I feel like it may have been better to have just been his friend and slowly showed him I had changed. Instead I am left all alone.


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  • guess he's seein all those other gals just in order 2 forget u maybe?

    • He's trying to because he thinks its the best thing for him to do... I want him to realize its really not.

    • If you love someone can you just forget about them that easily?

    • of course not... but as u said he "tries"

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  • I know what you're going through but this may seem harsh you need to let it go and don't pressure him to be your friend. if he doesn't want to be your friend it's his loss not yours I'm sure you're a wonderful person, I've been through the same thing and it's heartbreaking.

    • Im giving him his time and in no way need him as a friend. I want him back as my boyfriend. If he is not contacting me, I am not contacting him. Simple as that! I messed up during the relationship, have apologized, and have been working on myself and making positive changes... he knows this. I hope by him going out and trying to get over it he realizes he made a mistake by leaving me. His posting these pictures is ridiculous in my opinion

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    • For sure but it might take a while.. men have a lot of pride.. he knows what he lost

    • Yes I'm learning this... so much freakin pride and ego!!

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  • Tell him straight up and let him make a decision


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