Does anyone have advice on how to deal with a break up/ depression and anxiety?

I've not long come out of a relationship I really didn't want to end and I'm not dealing with it well a all. It's mainly anxiety/ stressing over thinking hyperventallating just a bit over the top if I'm honest I feel hopeless and there's nothing going on in my life to take any of it away
i hardly have any friends left cause we shared the same friends and they've Gone with him. My mum is no help I have no hobbies college rejected me this morning I just need some hope or a way to help calm myself down when my thoughts get too much


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  • Trust me, you're going to be fine. Sounds like complete bullshit, but it's not. What you're going through is pretty normal. You're in a lot of pain, and only time is going to help heal that, and that's okay. It's okay to feel upset, hurt, used, regretful, and so on, as breakups can be very tough to overcome.

    What I would strongly recommend is you think of the reasons why you broke up rather than only remembering the good times you had together. Over time, you'll start trusting getting out of that relationship was for the best, because the waves of emotional stress will become weaker and weaker, allowing you to observe the reality of your entire relationship more objectively.

    Don't try and force yourself into feeling better, because that rarely works. Take the time to reflect on both the good and the bad, learn and ultimately be grateful for the experience. Most likely you'll experience a few more tough breakups, but that's all a part of life, love and dating. Eventually, you'll meet someone you cannot live without, and he'll feel the same way, making you even happier you are no longer with the people you were once so distraught over after ending things.

    Cheer up and good luck. I know you're going to be just fine.

    • thank you this was really helpful i thought i was being over the top because this was my first real relationship and i really dont know how to deal with what im going through i guess i just need to try and stay positive and hope i will overcome it in time

    • You're doing just fine, and aren't being "over the top". You're reacting about like anyone else after their heart's been broken. You will feel better, and I'm glad to see you've got the right anticdote, which is giving yourself time to grieve, but also picking back up the things you loved doing before you got involved with your ex boyfriend.

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  • do things dat cheer u up maybe? tried?

  • I'm not even in a relationship with this person but a friend, when she went to ignoring me and unfriended me, it felt like losing a family member, and she could possibly care less


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