How would you take this?

I am a girl by the way..
Me and my ex was together 3 years, we lived together, we booked our wedding not long before he left (he left may 7th) everything was fine before he left except some arguments which is why he left he said, I am pregnant with his baby which he does not want, he's been so up and down about this but I found out yesterday he is seeing a new girl and making a huge thing of it on his facebook of it, he is still really bitter and angry towards me and text me yesterday saying he left as it was easier than talking about it. We was trying for the baby for such a long time. There's two things I want an opnion on
Someone sent me a screen shot of a post he shared on Monday day before we text saying 'don't loose the girl of your life for the hoe of the night', is this him having a dig at me calling me a hoe?, as I can't understand why it would be something he would share after being with his girlfriend for a few weeks if that...
Second is him and my dad was texting about what things he wants out the house (as he won't see or speak to me), and dad got a text saying
'tell her I'm not sulking about the baby just don't like how childish she has become', how would people take that, I really can't of seen him meaning to tell me he's not sulking over the baby as he wants me to not keep the baby im thinking that was meant to go to someone to tell his new girlfriend he's not sulking? I'm guessing she's been saying he's sulking over it, how would you view these two things? May seem trivial but want some views thank you..


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  • Maybe the 'girl of your life' is actually his new girlfriend and he's having difficulty with her for something he did with 'the hoe of the night'? And I guess that he thinks you're being childish over not terminating the pregnancy, maybe like you're going to carry it to term to spite him?

    • Wow he must really move on quick as we have only been split 3 weeks..

    • Well, he already has a new girlfriend, so it does seem that he moves on quickly.

  • It could be him calling you a hoe or it could be a dig at his girlfriend. You'd need an update on his relationship status to know. And if he did call you a whore, then he's a fucking deadbeat loser who I would let the NEW girl know got you pregnant and then bailed like a pussy.

    In your second question, he sounds like he's projecting his actions onto you. He's the bitch that won't talk to you and has to communicate through your dad. He's the one that sounds like he's sulking because he doesn't want the baby, you sound like you're not going to give it up and he knows it, and he's acting a fool on social media about his new girl. Based off of what he told your dad, I would bet that he's demeaning you to all of his friends and anyone who cares to listen.

    As I said, a pussy. You deserve better than him.


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