Will my feelings for my ex boyfriend ever go away?

This is a little strange but two years ago I met my exboyfriend ( tom) he was amazing and I cared a great deal about him so when he broke up with me it hurt bad but he said that he wanted to remain friends so I agreed. I didn't see him for about four months after that so that I could get over him. I saw him later at a party and he stuck to me like glue, we flirted and he even told me how cute he thought I was, this went on for a few more months. He would often retract from me when he realized what he was doing, about a year after we broke up he informed me that he was moving away for a while and needless to say this broke my heart but I figured that this was a oppertunity to move on. he was gone for a while but when he came back I found that I still cared for him and my felings didn't change. We ended kissing a few times and I thought that maybe we were going somewhere becasue he would tell me how much he cared for me. about five months ago he told me that he cared so much for me that he was afraid that he would hurt me and when he first met me all he wanted was sex but as he continued to get to know me all he could do was care more and more for me. He said that it scared him and that is why he broke up with me, but he still ad feelings for me. he said that he was letting me go for the last time and that I should find someone else and be happy. and that brings me to about two months ago. Me and tom kept our friendship and that is how I met kevin he was toms friend and I thought he was sweet, we ended up talking for about a month when we started dating. Tom said that he was ok with it and to be honest that hurt a little but now I am with kevin and I care for him so much, Its been a very long time sense I have been so happy. But I find myself looking at tom every now and then, I kept telling myself that it was just a habbit but the just last week tom had hurt himself and I felt a intense feeling of dread for his well being. I even forced him to take pain medication. It was then that I realized that I still have feelings for him, but I also care deeply for kevin. I dont know what to do will this feeling ever go away?


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