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So my ex and I hit that 4 month mark. Well after back and forthing with him I decided to completely ignore him. IN Which He Got Angry. 3 or so weeks ago he told me he misses me, our closeness, stability, how we made love and didn't just have sex, and our possible future. We actually connected again and etc.
During the 4 months he has been drinking off the wall and having sex with way to many girls. Even tried to with me in which the answer was NO. Well now he's made it very obvious that he is dating a girl who is from his hometown.(thousands of miles and an ocean away). I don't necessarily care if he dates we aren't together.


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  • If you guys aren't together anymore, does your question mean 'let him go' as in let go of any hope of a reconciliation?

    If so, obviously let him go. I'm not sure how much I'd count the four months you were together as legit if he was sleeping with other girls anyway. Doesn't sound like much of a relationship. He sounds like a complete sleaze-ball, you can do better.

    • It's been 4 months since our Break-up. But we recently the last month began being able to talk without argument

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  • I wouldn't be in a relationship with him again if I were you, especially if he was fooling around with all those woman. He could have picked up something and not even know it yet. From your description, it sounds like he has drinking and anger problems, which are both disgusting and horrible things. You can't change someone if they don't want to be changed. Habits like that are hard to get rid of. Keeping him as a chat buddy might be ok, but if you do this then you risk having feelings for him again and so the cycle begins. There are plenty of other people you can connect with, so don't limit yourself to just him because he is familiar to you. Many people stay in an un-healthy relationship because the process of getting to know someone is done and over with. They are in their comfort zone and don't want to repeat the process over again and risk getting hurt by someone else. I wouldn't waste your time on him. Any man who has been with a lot of woman shows me that they know how to smooth talk, so I wouldn't fall for it. Hope this helped :)

  • If you love him but he doesn't, let him go. But if both of you have mutual feeling's and he's willing to wait, then wait.


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