Should I Take My Ex-Girl Friend Back?

So Me And My Ex Girl Friend Had Been Dating For 2 Yrs. It Wasn't Easy Considering That At the Time We Started Going Out She Was Only 17 (I was 18). Her Mom Doesn't Like Me She Says I'm Not Good Enough For Her Daughter, That I Was A Poor Kid. At The Time My Ex Didn't Listen To Her ,But Over Time I Noticed Her Distant From Me. She Went On Vacation With Her Mom Just Before She Graduated. Over There Her Mom Hooked Her Up With A Rich Kid. 2 Days After She Told Me she Met this Kid ,She Broke up with me telling me that she doesn't love me anymore. ( her mom had planned It all. ) When She Came Back From Vacation, 3 weeks Later she appears At my house telling me that she needs me, that she's sorry..i forgave her. we were great for a year. she was about to move in with me. right before I left to the army and her mom yet again stepped in and say no, her mom told her that I was cheating on her, that I was lying to her, that I was a horrible person. (I have never cheated on her in any way,shape or form,never lied,i always loved her, beyond imagining). so I decided to take to call her mom and had my girlfriend on the other line . after hearing that my ex still! decided to take her moms side . so again.. she broke up with me ...a month later she calls me again and like a idiot I take her back!.. so everything was good for about six months. and just recently when I get moved to Hawaii with her she tells me doesn't love me anymore. so I was like OK.. random? so I let her go..she calls me 3 days ago telling me she misses me , she misses our intellectual conversations,our dates ,ETC... she tells me that she loved me ,that she has been trying to forget about me ( found out her mom has been secretly talking to her). but she needs me ..what should I do?


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  • can ask yourself the following questions:

    1. can she give you what you want?

    2. is the stress, of never knowing what she will decide next, bareable? (walking on eggshells...does she want me, or not?)

    3. what do YOU want?

    4. why should you take her back? what is she REALLY to you?

    5. if you take her back and she does the same thing again, how would you handle it? what consequences would you pull out of it?

    I was in a similar situation and took my girlfriend back. she had these "phases" every 3 months or so. after she dumped me the second time, she wanted me back. I asked myself these questions and took her back. 2 weeks ago I broke it off with her, since she didn't change. taking her back wasn't a bad idea, since I now know, that she's not the right thing for me or at least not now.

    so yeah...if you see potential and can accept what comes out, then I'd try it one last time for the next couple of years. just be true to yourself and don't be the little doggy with which she can toy around with.

    hope this helps


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