How long does it normally take you to get over someone who broke your heart?

Or a crush that didn't happen?
By a crush that didn't happen, I mean someone you really wanted to be with who either turned you down, or found someone else etc.


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  • I've had really big crush on girl. I couldn't forget her for 3 months.

    I know her for not long, but when she said we're not meant to be together because you're so different. (said over mobile) I didn't know what to answer, I was sad.

    • Yeah I get that. Rejection is always hard.

    • but that was weird rejection. Actually calling, talking for months almost every day. She could tell me that before!

      A beautiful face is all that you have
      Cause on the inside you're ugly, and mad...

      But you won't break me
      You'll just make me stronger than I was.

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  • Depends on how deeply I felt. Took me years to get over my first. I'm currently trying to get over a crush now. It's taking much longer than I expected tho. Guess it doesn't help that I still talk to him regularly.

    • Yeah I get that. It took me around a year and a half to get over my first relationship. I've been stuck on the same guy who is a "crush" for 9 months now... we've had sex but I know he's basically used me. I wanted more than that but I know it's not going to happen.

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    • Thank you. :)

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  • Im with anonymous... it took me a year too... but probably because I didn't get a reason why... oh and I don't have a heart lol. She just dumped me out of Nowhere...

  • A crush that didn't happen takes me a month, more or less, or another crush to show up, ha ha! Nobody has broken my heart yet.

  • Anywhere from 1 week to 3 months, sometimes even 4 months

  • I got heart broken once, it took me a year before I was right again. I still can't/won't let my guard down though.
    With a crush that doesn't happen, I'm over that the next day.


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