How do I move on?

My boyfriend and I of 6 years have just broken up.

how do I move on? it hurts so bad..

i have fears no other guy will love me like he did, and will care for me the same. I also have fears no other guy will find me as attractive as he did.

this is killing me.


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  • I'm so sorry that you're in so much pain right now. It is so awful to feel the way you do. In answer to your question/s, I can ASSURE you that you are going to have a plethora of men at your feet, all of them waiting for you to give them the time of day! It seems outlandish now, but it's the truth! You were 13 when you started dating your ex, right (you said six years and you're 19 now so...)? You were just children then. Now you're going to enter new, exciting, adult relationships. They will be different and quite exciting. One day, I promise you, you will think of your ex and smile without feeling that awful pain in your gut. He will remind you of your teenage years and all the love you shared. Maybe you'll even get back with him in 10 years. You never know! For now, however, you need to heal that broken heart of yours. I really would recommend you NOT seeing him for a while. That will only make things worse. Cut off communication with him. You have to (haveee to) do that in order to heal. Get rid of his stuff (if you can't throw it out, just hide it). Be with your friends, be with yourself, do things that are just for you. You're going to be so fine. It sucks a lot, but you need to trust this stranger that you will be fine!


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  • When I you work it out, let me know too. My boyfriend of 3 years and I broke up to, a month ago, I forgave him and we got back together last week, had a fight 3 days ago and he has been very distant and aloof since.

    Yes, it really hurts so bad and your fears are the same as mine. Take care of yourself first and foremost, and pray that the days just hurry up and pass on by. Its hard just getting through them isn't it.

  • I know it hurts really bad. My boyfriend broke up with me after almost 3 years and I can relate. It's been 7 weeks since the breakup and it still hurts like crazy.

    This is a critical time to regain confidence in yourself. It's easy to fall into the feeling that no one else will love you and find you as attractive as he did. The truth, though, is that you are beautiful and worthy to be loved. He is only one guy.

    The best advice I can give for moving on is to stay as busy as possible. It's hard but it helps. Drown yourself in work, friends, school, tv, hobbies, etc. Time will heal your pain; the busier you are, the faster time flies.

    • That was some solid advice! Yes, busying yourself is excellent. It's really the only thing you can do at this critical juncture.

      CherryDarlings, I hope your heart heals quickly too. All these break ups really suck! I'm feeling it too... But we're all going to be so fabulous in time =)

    • Thank you much for the encouragement. Yes, we're going to be so fabulous in time. Can't wait.

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