Will this relationship work?

My boyfriend, recently told me that he loves me, but doesn't find me attractive so he talks to other women.

Will our relationship work out if this is the case?

And things do guys find attractive & unattractive?

Please help


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  • It sounds as if this guy thinks of you more as a friend than a girlfriend. There are people in this kind of relationship, so I guess it can work. But whether it would work for you, I don't know. When it does work--in the situations I have heard of--usually BOTH people feel the same way as your boyfriend. If you are attracted to your boyfriend and you would have a problem with him seeing other women, then you should end the relationship.

    For me, this kind of relationship would not work. I think it would be unhealthy to be with someone who didn't find me attractive because I would feel inferior and lose my confidence. I would always be worrying that he would be cheating on me.

    My feeling is that you are too young to be trapped in this kind of relationship. It can't be fun for you thinking that you are not attractive. You asked what things guys find attractive and in my experience, there isn't a single answer. Different guys find different things attractive. I suggest you find a guy who is attracted to you and won't make you feel like other girls are better!


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  • This a recipe for disaster!

    He is as deep as a puddle.

    He's "cheating" on you; waiting for someone else who suits his fancy.

    You're being used, especially if there's sex involved.

    Attractiveness is based on qualities you possess. It has little to do with the packaging, unless the packaging is important to you, and damages your self-concept.

    "We attract hearts by the qualities we display; we retain them by the qualities we possess." -- Jean Baptiste Antoine Suard, French journalist (1734-1817) ...

    I'd like to be your "friend". Please send me a request.


  • I don't know, personally I have to be attracted to someone... it sounds pretty shallow, but its just unusual to me. It sounds like a lame excuse to get around without losing you to be honest. Its like saying, I love you and all, but I'm looking elsewhere, would you stick around until I do? If it is like that he is being abit cruel. I don't know... If he doesn't think you're attractive and can talk to you, why does he need to find women that he thinks is attractive to talk to? Is he worried about his image or something? Every guy varies in things they find attractive, personally I love short girls who are athletic, and I don't know how to ever word this in a nice way, but slightly chubby, like puppy fat, I know that sounds insulting, but I really love it, I think ts really cute :D I'm put off by taller girls usually, its abit odd but its only my preference I guess.


What Girls Said 2

  • Yep, sounds like he's treating you like a spare wheel. Sorry for the harsh note but I wouldn't like it at all if my boyfriend were to say this to me. Get him to commit or show him the door. (btw, whatever he said about loving you but not finding you attractive is total bs)

  • He should be your EX boyfriend. I don't know why you would want to make it work. The minute he told you he found you unattractive and talks to other women should have been all the reason for you to break up with him. Don't settle for that nonsense. You deserve a guy who thinks you're beautiful and is only interested in you!


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