How to move on from a relationship?

So it's been about 4 months now since my ex and I have been separated and it's been very rough for me. We ended on a bad note and we tried talking it out which only made things impossible to fix. We haven't talked since but during this time not being with her it honestly sucks and feels like something is missing like closure wasn't clear enough of something I just need to move on I just don't know how. I've tried getting back out there seeing new people but didn't always work out because it wasn't my ex... so if anyone has any advice please help.


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  • I was like that too when the girl I l liked rejected me. It just wasn't her, and I really missed talking to her. I really thought she was gonna ignore me forever, and I was just about to move on, when suddenly after a while, she finally replied to my facebook message, and we finally agreed to meet up in person, and things ended well for us. I would suggest try to take a break from relationships and just focus on doing what you like doing like hanging out with friends or just doing other stuff.


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