He has me so confused, what's going through my ex boyfriend's head?

Me and my ex were close friends for three years before we started to date. We loved each other long before we ever made the move to be a "couple." We broke up the end of September, and I didn't talk to him for three weeks. We started texting again, and I went over and spent time with him, and we ended up having sex. We talked the next few days after and he was talking about wanting to make things better, and trying again. Then a few nights after, he said he couldn't be with me because I'm not what he thought I was ( which I later found out he said out of anger because I told him I wanted a mature relationship and he couldn't give it to me ) and that he wanted closure and friendship. I told him to consider me gone until he grew up and quit trying to drag me down in his miserable little world, so we quit talking again. I recently started talking to him about a week ago, and told him that I just wanted to be friends, and that it took dating him to to realize I just wanted to be friends with him. So we agreed to friendship. I went over to his house to watch a movie, and we snuggled up together and he told me that he missed me, and that me being in his arms felt right, and he wouldn't let me go without kissing him goodbye. We've talked on and off since then until last night when he said he was seeing someone else. I called him and he was talking in riddles so I told him that if he missed me to just come out and say it. He told me not to get him in trouble. I said I wouldn't dream of it. And asked if he wanted to hang out later. He said he's seeing someone else and that he couldn't because he wants to be loyal. Something about the way he said it made me believe he's lying. His friends don't even think he's seeing someone else. I'm not jealous by any means. I'm just wondering why he would deliberately try and get under my skin like that, and why on earth would he think that that I would "get him in trouble?" if he can't control himself around me, why would he be seeing someone else? it sounds like he's not over me, I would just like some help clarifying.


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  • well you two have a real up and down rollercoater relationship... one minute he wants an you dont... the next you want it an he dont... point blank you too clearly need time apart from each other so that you guys can really figure out if a relationship is what you want... an I don't mean time as in 3 weeks... I'm talkin bout a whole month or even month and half... he wants you but he does not want the relationship aspect of u... he wants to know that ur going to be there for whenever he can have you... those type of guys are not neccessarily jerks but they are indeed the type to break up with you and break your heart in the long run... I'm not sayin yall can't be together.. I just think yall need a month apart... you need a break with him since it seems like you are the more mature one in this situation.. you know where your heart & head is at so it would be easier for you to make the decision as to whether you want a roller coaster( relationship with him) or a smooth boat ride( time away to move on) ... its up to u

    • True +1 =]

    • I agree. I didn't mention that he lost his job and his car right after we started dating and started drinking and doing pills and ended up cheating on me. I didn't find out til after we broke up and he apologized profusely and wanted to make it better. He said he wouldn't have done it if he wouldn't have been messed up, but whatever. I talked to his best friend last night, and he said there is no girl. Which is completely stupid! Why would he do something so low and insecure?

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