Ex still not over me?

SO my ex girlfriend broke up with me last week. It was just she thought our realtionship was not going and I was not paying her enough attention (I dont think I did that though).
I asked her if we will still be chatting though and she said 'Do I want to? and I replied 'Take Care' which meant I dont want to talk and she replied You too..
She even deleted my number after 2 days and one of my best friend cuz I couldnt see her status and dp in whatsapp but after a day or so I can see her's everything.
So I checked it with other number and my best friend to which I found out she has added me again.
SHe just updated her status 'I DOnt care anymore now'?

Help me out here guys...
What is happening..


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  • Maybe she's finally over you just like that and she simply want to be friends. It does happen you know.

    • I dont think that might be the case cuz if we dont even chat then why the hell she would keep me in her contacts?

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  • he just fridedns zones u!!

    • *SHE..
      I'm male -_-
      And if we are not contacting why the hell she wants to keep me in contacts?

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  • Here's what's going on. Your girlfriend broke up with you. That's all you should focus on. You weren't good enough for her, so go find someone who thinks your great! If it was just a game, then she is not able to be in a good relationship anyway. Get it? There are far too many great people out there for you to waste time playing "does she really still like me" with any one person. Good luck!