Why is it that it takes men so long to miss you and come back around?

I mean i usually find these guys who fall in love waayyy to quickly with me, I can't handle the stress... lash out, then they leave... but then come back months later being like you were the best I ever had! They cut contact bc it hurts them too much then come back like you know i love you right? WTFFFFFF After my heart hurt for months for them.


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  • pride/ego? or the sidechick he's been banging this whole time up till now.

    • Totally think its pride/ego. Its more important to them than anything!!

    • I've done a lot of stupid shit just because of that hahaa

    • God its lame lol

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  • hmmm this doesn't happen in ALL guys... right?

    • Not all, definitely not all but quite a bit!!

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