Guys, why do guys just disappear and not even tell you that they don't want to see you again?

We were together for a little over 2 months. We fell in love. I haven't spoken to him in a couple of days when he abruptly ended our phone conversation when I admitted that my ex stopped by my house to catch up. I've sent him 2 texts explaining that nothing happened (which is the truth) and told him I love him. He hasn't responded. I just sent him a text today asking for his address to send him something he left at my house. Again no response. Obviously our relationship is over, but I'm very hurt that he won't even give me the time of day. Help!


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  • The fact that you still maintain such a good relationship with your ex to the point that he can stop by whenever he wants will send anyone running. In most cases when ex's stop by is to catch up on sex.

    • Any suggestions on how to contact him again? I really would like to get back together. Thanks

    • Do you have any friends in common to find out what he's up to, if he's seeing anyone..
      Call him instead of texting and tell him you wanna meet, it shows that you still care and are really sorry. But if he still doesn't want to, you're just gonna have to move on.

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  • Sometimes when i believe aomeyhibg happened its hard to try and change my mind. Thia guy seemed convinced you cheated on him. You letting your ex come visit you and catch up also shows that you atill care about your ex so he moved on. Next question.

  • goshh... wot surprises me most is.. doesn't he want 2 take wot he left?


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