Girls, My ex girlfriend wants to hang out?

So... My ex girlfriend of 10 months (the love of my life) texted me out of the blue. She just wanted to know how I was. We just texted a bit. She was very open and interrested in the things that is going on in my life.
I recently started a new job. I need to get up really early to get there, as it is a 2 hour drive. But only untill I find a place to live closer to it. So we talked a litlle about that. In fact she lives in that city.

Then she said: "well, just let me know. You can come here and say Hi. i am not doing anything these next couple of weeks"

What the?
Last I heard she had a new boyfriend (clearly a rebound) but looking at her facebook I can now see they broke up 4 weeks ago. Any thoughts on this?

First: I should tell you that the break up wasn't a bad one. We had no fighting or anything. She just claimed she had "lost feelings for me, but deep down knew I was the perfect guy for her"...
And second: I still dont know excatly how to read her message. "Come here and say Hi". It could mean come here for a cup of coffee, but also mean sleeping there for a few nights to make it easier.
So we texted again yesterday. This time I started it. I was kinda hoping she would invite me again so I could say yes this time. But it didn't come up. Was it wrong of me to ignore it the first time?


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  • Maybe she just want to catch up & establish a platonic relationship or maybe she wants to get back together because some times it takes being with someone else to realize how much to miss the other person


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  • Sounds like she's looking to see if you feel something for her. I don't want to say jump into conclusions because she might actually just want to be friends ( I doubt it but could be). Then if you're not interested in her just let her down easily. Think of it this way; exes are like food left overs, they taste really good for some reason when they've been in the fridge for a while but there's a reason why they were left overs in the first place ( if that even makes sense)

    • Makes good sence. I do want her back. She was the love of my life. And since she left it with a "I lost feelings for you, but deep down I know you are the perfect guy for me" I kinda suspected that she would eventually realise what she had.

    • Then go get her back!

  • you have two choices. You meet up with her and see where things go maybe thins have changed and she realises what she lost and wants to give it a go. You risk the reality of having your heart broken again. or 2 you keep moving on and asking yourself "what if? " every single day. I know i would be choosing option 1. You need to show her how good you are now without her. Make her see what she lost and make the decison for yourself.

  • Move on its not good to go back


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