Saw a weird vehicle at ex's place and that bothered me?

i realise its none of my business , its just she lives on the same street as me so i have to drive by her place on my way home from work. today i saw a strange pick up truck there i have never seen before and does not belong to anyone who lives there and the other people who live there would of been all at work when i drove by this afternoon. it was just her car there and this strange truck that must belong to a guy as none of the girls she is friends with drive such a large truck. it just lead to thoughs going through my mind that some guy is there fooling around with her or something and i guess that bothered me to learn that is going on. i guess i still have feelings for her and frustrated that i haven't heard from her in a bit and no real clue what she is even up to. and to think there might be some new guy with a truck seems to bother me


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  • My ex just left me a month ago and it really bothers me too to think of him being with someone else especially in an intimate way. I think it is normal to feel that way because you still care and it was something special between you and her. Even if your not up to dating or jumping into something new it might still be nice if you got out with friends and met new people. I know it seems hard to even think about a new future with out your ex but eventually over time you will find someone better.


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  • It'd hurt me too if I found out my ex was dating or fooling around with someone new, but like you said it's none of my business.

    You just need to learn to put your ex in the back of your mind and go out and have fun. Meet new women, speak to new friends and just generally make your life as good as it can.

    If your ex suddenly decides to contact you, providing you still have feelings for her, just tell her "Hey, it's nice to hear from you. I'd love to meet up, when are you free?"


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  • Let go of your ego dude. You guys broke up now that she's single and doing what she wants that's when jealousy kicks in Dont do it to yourself


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