Chance for us again?

Me and my ex boyfriend have a lot of history together and have gone through a lot together. I believe we are still meant for each other and will find a way back since we have for the 2nd time already. Anyway as of right now when we broke up he started dating a new girl almost a month after he broke up with me. Mind you the nbreak up was from him needing to get his life in order with job and everything else. He has a lot of issues and hasn't been able to get job since being back from deployment so has been basicslly living off me and didn't want to do that to me anymore and also wanted me to better myself. I pushed him further away by not giving him some time and believe he's dating this new girl because of it or just a rebound until everything settles. Well they have not even been together for a month yet and already he has cheated on her every single week. I dont really know if he truly cares for her. It seems that way by the way he puts pics on social media but it could be for other reasons. He was always the one to never be all lovey dovey and post relationship statuses etc but he's doing it with her and i think its just a mask that he put on for her to pretend to be someone else. She will see the real him eventually. He also blocked me on fb a few weeks back after everything and kept me on IG but delted all the pictures like i said i think to make her happy since she did the same on hers. I think if he really did not want to be apart of my life he would have completly deleted me from both. he also gave me his netflix info today so i can use it. I know what everyone is going to say is that i should walk away from him. Im keeping my distants but do you think there could be anychance for us again?


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  • Why would you want him? He's a cheater. Since he cheats on his girlfriend he doesn't give a damn about her


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  • There could be a chance. Chances are she is a rebound. He is being lovey dovey because he is trying to put on a show for her. You know who he really is and his he acts. He dies not want her to know the truth. I have gone thought it to. Best thing keep your distance. Try not talking to him for a bit. Let him come to you. She is a rebound. It will end. Might take a month to 3 months. He deleted you to make her happy.

    • Thanks its what I believe too. He didn't actually delete me he blocked me on fb but deleted all the pictures on both fb and IG like you said to make her happy as she did the same with her social media. It just makes me so mad when I see all these pictures from his friends with her and not me. Its hard but I dont believe they will last. She hasn't saw his true colors yet and they aren't too pretty. I was the one who stuck by him and i dont believe she will do the same once she knows.

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