I'm going out to a show and there's a good chance my ex will be there. If he is there and approaches me, how do I react without causing a scene?

There is no way I will be nice to him if he approaches me. Is it really so easy to say nothing and walk away? I imagine I'll tell him to "stay the f*ck away from me" and leave it at that.
Last night I had an awesome time, and as I predicted, my ex was in attendance. Thank goodness he went with two of his friends I got to talk to and without his jealous girlfriend. I was talking to one of his friends after the show, and he came up to say hi because he thought it would be awkward if he didn't. In reality, I was happily enjoying myself without interacting with him, and trying to talk to me was awkward. I told him off, and he bolted and left. I hope he feels stupid because he is.


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  • Don't do that, Serena. As tempting as it may be, if he does in fact approach you, just simply say "hi" and walk away. If he tries talking with you, just be short and say you have to go and walk to the other side of the place.

    Then, if he continues to pester you or be a dick, go ahead and tell him to f-off.

    • I won't say hi but maybe glare at him for a moment and walk away lol. He did hide from me at an event a month ago so i know he's a coward. Whether or not he hides from me will depend on whether or not he's there with his new girlfriend. But I won't give him the time of day and want to send that message.

    • That's fine. Or don't even make contact with the goof ball. You're going to enjoy yourself with whomever you're out with or aren't, and he needs to mind his own business. I mean, really, hiding from you? What is he, 6?

      I was saying to take the high road if he ended up approaching you to say hello and was being nice. Just show him who the adult is, but hopefully you won't even have to deal with any of it since he'll be hiding behind the display or something.

    • Totally agree with you. I probably won't have to worry about him if he's there

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  • Go with others. If you can go with a guy. If he does approach you just smile and say hi and put all your attention into the people you are with. The best thing you can do is to not let him know that he's hurt you and still has some sort of affect on you. It is hard but it is doable. The thing with some exs is that they absolutely hate to see you doing well especially if they're not.


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  • Or just pretend he's not even there. And chances are he's gonna want to avoid confrontation with you as well.

  • You just nod and that's it


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  • give him the cool brush off. if he tries to approach to you, move away from him and talk to another guy. treat him the same way you would treat a creepy ugly guy you dont know trying to flirt


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