How do I get over this person?

9 months relationship.
Broke up because I was slightly being led on.
Reason we couldn't be together was a 2.2 year age spread. 16, almost 17, she just turned 19. [this isn't negotiable]
I am having a majorly hard time breaking up with this girl because she consumed all my free time, I want to still remain friends because we left on very good terms and she is still a future candidate. How do I get my mind off her?
Hobbies don't help, other people don't, HOW! :(


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  • For me the gym has saved me. I've been in your situation. Go out and meet new girls. Even just get tinder or join a dating site and chat to them. It will just show you there are plenty of girls out there and your perfect girl is still waiting for you. I hope this feeling doesn't last to long and you find someone nicer and better soon bud


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  • By focusin on othee things dat r more important atm?

    • The only thing that is, is education. It's very boring and I try lol.

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