How to get over my relationship?

9 month relationship.
It's complicated but we can't be with each other.
Left off on great terms.
But I am having a very very very hard time getting over this. I've tried hobbies, talking with people, none of it works please help me. :(


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  • Saw my name..

    Try going away for a few weeks.

    My sis's boyfriend did that.

    It helped.

    Go somewhere far away and do some activities.

    Be a little adventurous.

    Stay away from social medias if she is on there.

    Keep yourself busy.

    Dont listen to sad songs or romantic songs.

    Hit the gym.

    Go for a run.

    Change your diet to a healthier one (it will help a bit.)


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  • I am in that exact same spot. Me and my boyfriend were together 1 year and a half and broke up 2 months ago and I still think about him every single day. I've tried all the things you have because that's what everyone says but the truth is that only works for maybe a hour or a couple hours. The only thing that will work is time. It was soooo hard for me but over time I can tell it's getting easier. It just happened really slowly.

  • Aw. I just went through one a few weeks ago. My ex said it's for me and one day I would see it. That day has came. I still love them a lot;however, it is just not meant to be.


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