Why is he calling me?

I broke up with my boyfriend on Sunday and he called today, I didn't answer because there's no point in us talking. we were only together since March, it took me 30 minutes to get off the phone, he was trying to guilt trip me into staying. saying things like so much for you wanting to be with me, does my feelings not matter, so much for him loving me etc. I broke up with him because we just weren't compatible, always fighting, he was kind of controlling and the last thing was him standing in front of the door so I couldn't leave. I was done. So why is he calling especially after I said I didn't want any contact?


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  • You have had time to evaluate your relationship with him and you find it is not what you want. You said that you did not answer it and it took you 30 minutes to get off the phone. Do you mean it took you 30 minutes to get off the phone the time he called before this time?

    You recognize that you are not compatible. That is a good reason for a breakup. He must see it differently and think the two of you should stay together. But if either party does not want to remain in the relationship. that should be where it ends.

    You don't need to drama and all the arguments, and you certainly do not need things like him blocking the door.

    Obviously he has not accepted your decision and wants to change your mind. He will not likely change the way he is, so stand your ground and do not let him pressure you into staying. You have told him that it is over, now he needs to accept that. And don't let him get you into conversations where he argues his case. If you run into him, and he treies to talk about this, just remind him of what you have said and walk away. Do not get humg u[ in another long conversation.

    • it took me 30 minutes to get off the phone from breaking up, every time had say something trying to convince me to stay I said it's not changing my opinion

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    • Thank you for MHO :-)

    • your welcome

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  • He really likes you & doesn't want to lose you. I mean yeah keep ignoring him. What you're doing isn't wrong. You told him why you broke up so what else does he needs? That's closure enough. He thinks the more he tries the more he'll get to you. Just keep doing what you're doing & he'll go away eventually.

    • thanks, I just could not get over him standing in front of the door on top of everything else.

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