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My boyfriend and i well maybe now my ex an I have been together for 9 months now. It was amazing the first 6 months he called be beautiful , great we had a great time. Then in march we had some trouble but we fixed it ( he basically wasn't as intimate as he was before but i talked to him loads of times about if he likes me or not and if he wants me as girlfriend and he said ofcourse and yes. Well in this month June he has been both super duper nice to me and caring and also acting weird and not wanting to talk or hold my hand because he was tired he said ( that was yester day ). i saw that he had an instgram account yestrday and i said can i add you he's like well do it later, and he said why is it so important to you? i thought that this was very weird so i tolled my friend about it and she said she would make a fake account to see if he if faithful to me. She did it on direct where they chatted and he asked if she wanted to meet up , and said we can do whatever you want in the cinema ;) ... when my best friend also said do you have a girlfriend he said no... that really broke my heart since we called eachother boyfriend and girlfriend and i even asked him yesterday if he was happy with me he said yes. Obviously i need to break up with him now , the problem is he was going to go in 2 weeks to greece to see me and my family for a holiday he has already booked the tickets. What do i do know, should i wait till after greece or should i break up now. Im thankful for all your opinions cause i am so broken


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  • if u can't afford him better break up wid him now :)

    • Turns out he knew all this time it was my friend and he's mad that I don't trust him enough now...

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