How I make him be interested in me again?

I started dating this guy for 3 month and was amazing. He would tell me how much he liked me, how
amazing I was, how happy he was to have met someone like
me, how beautiful I was, etc. etc.

And since he seemed to like me so much, I didn’t
think there was any risk that he would suddenly unlike me.

Feeling confident this guy wasn’t going anywhere, I saw no
harm in expressing how much I cared for him.

Soon enough, he started to distance himself, not contact me unless I do it, he says he is very busy at work.
It all started when we had an incident in intimate relationship (he died during sex)
and since then we have not seen so often, I suggested to find solutions to see us more often, he said to me that
he feels that I want more than can he offer me. After a period in which we have not really talked he called me
to say that we break up because he does not feel. What should I do? I am aware that I harassed him with my insecurities and desperation..
Now he answer my calls or call me back but he never contact me on he’s own initiative, even invited him to a movie and accepted but never went. .
and when we met at the office he said that it is an ugly period and when calm down things we will go.

I know what mistakes i made and I sincerely want to resume the relationship but do not know what to do.
yes, and from that incident he became distant and different, I try to speak with him and explain that is ok because was very tired, I want to be wih him again but I really don't know how.


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  • you know what dear... i am a guy who did the same with my girl... i lost her... and now i miss her terribly.. sometimes we guys just can't handle all the sudden rush of love and care... you make us the king of our world and well we soon tend to get spoil. i do hope you meet a much nicer person next time.:)


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  • he died during sex?


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  • Well dying during sex is pretty traumatic. He will have to work through that and it may take a while.


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